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What Aged Care Services are available?

There are different types of aged care funding which is currently being reviewed. After the aged care Commission inquiry, the government has committed to implementing changes which will assist older Australians to receive the care that they require to live independently or to receive care within aged care residences when they can no longer stay at home.

Currently, aged care funding is available under 3 different models:

  1. Commonwealth home support programme (CHSP)

  2. Home support packages (HSP)

  3. Private funding.

Eligible Australians may receive support under the first two funding models to receive help at home, short term care, or care in aged care homes. Under the first two models, the government will allocate a certain amount of funding to be paid towards the care which is required. this may include care around the home, inclusion in community activities, assistance for a short period of time, or for residential care.

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