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NDIS Services

Support Coordination

Support coordination relates to the process of organising the delivery of services which are included an individual’s NDIS plan. It is a process of locating appropriate supports and ensuring their delivery. It includes reviews of the services which a client is receiving to ensure that they are receiving the best services in accordance with their care plan.


Appropriate support coordination considers your personal needs and preferences. It means including you in the development of the NDIS plan and involving you in the decisions about how the plan is delivered. This is a central focus of our business. Assister values your involvement in deciding the services that you receive and how they are delivered. It is about matching you with the right carer and the care which they deliver – it’s about putting the you in your care!

Domestic Assistance

Your home is such an integral part of your life, which is one of the reasons that the government has provided funding under this program – it is about keeping you safe, and comfortable in your home for as long as you would like to continue to live there.


So, it is only reasonable to expect that part of this process involves maintaining your home and undertaking the domestic upkeep to maintain a healthy and comfortable way of life. This means if you can no longer look after the cleaning, washing, cooking or other domestic tasks, you may require some additional help.

That’s where we step in. Our cleaners and carers can help you with different domestic duties to make living in your home easier and tailored to your needs. We also know about infection control and have processes and procedures in place to minimise risks associated with covid or other hazards.


Assister can help in two ways when it comes to transport services:


Accompanied transport: If you need to get from one place to another but require someone to be with you to assist you in your journey, Assister can send you a carer who will transport you in their own car and accompany you for the journey. The carer will return you to your home, unless you require the transport to end at a particular location.


Organised transport: If you would like transport for a particular journey, but you do not need to be accompanied by a carer, Assister can organise alternate transport. This may be through a third-party provider or we can organise for you to receive a cab charge card for you to use on regular transports to appointments.

Allied Health

We work with experienced allied health professionals to assist our clients. Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, and speech therapists are just some of the professionals.

Allied health services are important because of their specialised experience to support doctors in the diagnosis, treatment, and delivery of quality healthcare.

The collaboration between these professionals provides services which are focused on the needs of the individual. We can arrange for this service to be delivered in your home, which improves your accessibility to these services.

Personal Care

To provide care for someone is to make provision for someone’s health and welfare. To provide care that is truly personal, is about customising that care to the person’s preferences, their likes, and making that person the centre of the care.


That’s our benchmark! Putting the you in your care.


It’s about your choices and your control over the services that you receive and how you receive them.


Once we have worked with you to understand and implement a care plan based on your budget, and how you want to use the funds, our carers deliver that plan.

Access to community

We all need to engage with our outside communities for our physical and mental well-being. Anyone who has had difficulty leaving their home understands that community access is an essential part of our lives.


People who need aged care services often find it difficult to leave their homes unaccompanied or need support or training to learn this skill. Our service for access to the community allows a person to physically engage with environments which are outside of their home. We tailor this access to suit your interests and goals.


Assister carers can help you to undertake these tasks with their support, or they can help you to build up the skills, confidence, and resources to do them on your own. This includes attending activities such as:


  • going shopping;

  • attending medical appointments;

  • transport to other appointments or social engagements;

  • going out for a coffee;

  • engaging in social exercises such as pottery, lawn bowls or other outings;

  • going to galleries, museums, or attending sporting events;

  • going to the park or beach;

  • other special interest events.

What Our Clients Say


Receiving reliable aged care services has been a game-changer for my family and me. Knowing that our loved ones are in capable hands, receiving personalized care that caters to their unique needs, brings us tremendous peace of mind. It's a comfort like no other, and it allows us to cherish quality time together, free from the constant worry about their well-being. Trusting a reliable aged care service has truly made a positive impact on our lives, and we are grateful for the support and care they provide.

NH, Lugano

I was so confused about how to use the funds in my Home Care Package and felt that I wasn’t getting the most out of the services that were available to me...I wasn’t even sure about all the services that I could use. Assisters stepped in and worked with me to set up a plan to achieve my goals to be more active in the community. They have made such a difference to my life!

TK, South Coogee

I had a stroke 4 years ago which has left me paralysed on my right side. I was reluctant to let people to help me because I had bad experiences with an early set of carers after the stroke. I located Assisters by chance, and I am so glad that I did. They have the medical know how, and such a positive nature about them. I finally have a helpful, customised routine that I need – at home and in the community. Violet’s background in pharmacy has been a bonus to help me manage my medication and the treatment that I am receiving.

JC, Maroubra

My daughter was having so much trouble managing her mental health illness. She would often retreat to avoid encountering others in social settings. Since Assister has been helping her, she now looks forward to going out in the community. She is calmer and growing in confidence each time her carer from Assister spends time with her. The positive impact they have had has lifted such a weight off my shoulder about my concern over my daughter’s future!

RZ, Punchbowl

My son who is a young adult with autism, was getting out of hand to control. Violet went further and beyond to review his medication and make suggestions to raise with his doctor. This was much more than I was expecting. The doctor has since reviewed the medication that my boy was taking and put him on different medicine, which has had an immeasurable impact on his behaviour. Her empathy and personal care are something which was refreshing, encouraging, and truly life changing.

MD, Strathfield

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